28 August 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 54 - Westport to Clifden

Westport to Clifden
28 August 2019
Day 54
Km Today: 184
Km Total: 9002
Photos Today: 386
Photos Total: 12,293
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Wow what a day. Let's start at the beginning.
So this morning I was eating a curly wurly (I haven't had one for a long time & it will be a long time till the next one) as I was chewing there was something crunchy, I thought that's weird maybe it's some hard caramel. I extracted a bit of the crunchy stuff to discover it was white, not caramel, damn it, it's a bit of my tooth. That's all I need. It seems ok at the moment. I'll see how it goes, I might have to try and get into see a dentist when in Tullamore.
Anyhow, I was saying yesterday to Luke the kayak guide, that because I'm leaving tomorrow (which is today) the sun will be shining. Sure enough the sun was out when I left Westport this morning.

First stop was Irish Photo Rally Point # 20 Staunton's Forge.

As I was leaving a lady said to me are you the Australian lady? I said yes. She said I was told you would be coming by. 🤷 My reputation obviously proceeds me. 😁

My first stop was at the bottom of Croagh Patrick. I definitely was not going to try and make it to the top. 

& then the National Famine Memorial which is across the road.

Murrisk Abbey.

I don't like the look of those clouds.

Absolutely amazing scenery at Doolough Valley.

It's hard to comprehend that so much pain and suffering happened in such a beautiful place. There is a memorial here to those that suffered  & died here during the famine.

I stopped at the other end of the lake to get my drone out and of course just as I was unpacking it started to rain.

Started raining fairly heavy just after I took the welcome to Galway photo.

More amazing scenery in Connemara so I took another video.

Yay the sun came out again.

I stopped to have a chat with this local. His mates weren't interested.

Today's weather was all over the place. I started in sunshine, my ride ended in pouring rain, and the sun is shining again now.

I actually cut my ride a bit short and didn't do the sky road as it was pouring so much. Hopefully it will be fine tomorrow and I can do it then.

The one constant was the amazing scenery.

My accommodation for tonight is lovely @ Abbeyglen Castle Hotel

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