08 April 2016

2016 World Record Dubbo

Canberra – Dubbo – Canberra

8-10 April 2016


I awoke to an overcast day with hopes that it would not rain. I had warned some of the girls that it always seems to rain whenever I go for a ride. I headed off to the meet point which was just down the road from my place.

On my way to the meet point.

There were a few ladies already there.

Thanks to Brendan Maunder for this great photo.

Here is a great video put together by Barclay Don.

Win News came down to film and do some interviews and after the group photos we set off in two groups.

There is always roadworks somewhere along the way.

The roads were wet but we were lucky to only get a few spots of rain.

First stop was Boorowa, for those that needed fuel.

Cowra for lunch

and just before we finished lunch it started to rain so we headed back to our bikes to don our wet weather gear.

The rain started to get quiet heavy.

Thankfully the rain didn't last for to long.

Stop in Molong for those that needed fuel.

Last stop before Dubbo was Geurie to regroup and attach out FRoC (Female Riders of Canberra) flags.

We all arrived safe and sound.

We all sat around the room waiting to see if we made the news and we were all very excited when the report was shown. (Thanks to Donnatello for the video).

We awoke to a glorious morning, what a great day to break a record.

It was exciting riding in to see so many bikes and it was still only early.

The registration ques were huge especially the one that most of the FRoCers were in which was G-Q. It was very hot in the sun with no shelter and no water, we were all very excited when one of the support crew (thanks Anthony) brought over the esky with bottled water.

Finally all FRoCers were registered and we started to make our way into the arena for the count.

There was a lot of sitting (or lying) around and waiting. It was disappointing that there were not more stalls.

We finally mounted up for our ride through Dubbo.

and great news the record was broken with 1002 women.

This is the official count video. FRoCers start at 31.05 and I am at 31.58

Most of us headed of to the pub for the celebrations. It was not a late night as were were all fairly exhausted and we had to ride home the next day. 

Upon returning to the caravan park we decided to have a jump on the pillow.

Lots of laughs were had until there was a bit of a mishap with one of the ladies landing funny on here foot. There was some talk of trying to jump start the buggy (luckily this was not acheived) to drive her back to the rooms. 

Sunday was another lovely day. A great day for riding.

It turned out that the jumping mishap ended with a broken toes so Richard (our support vehicle driver) drove the lady to the hospital. One group decided to wait for him to return whilst the rest of us headed off.

I needed to get home so I decided to ride with the first group through to Parkes and then would continue on my own.

After refueling in Parkes I headed off on my own.

It was such a perfect day for riding, the roads were fairly quiet and I was just enjoying being out riding, I was cruising along when this car coming towards me flashed his headlights,I though he was warning me about police up ahead, then there were flashing lights. So apparently I was doing 117 in a 100 zone, which cost me $260.

One last stop for fuel at Yass.

What a great car & bike.

I had a fantastic weekend with a great group of ladies. I look forward to our next FRoC'n adventure.