21 August 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 47 - Dublin to Crawfordsburn

km ridden today: 245
km ridden total: 7585
Photos today: 152
Photos total: 10,684
Castles/Palaces total: 5
Pubs visited total: 18 
Churches/Cathedrals total: 15
Distilleries total: 3
Ferries total: 7

Rainy days total: 16

Set off about 0900 expecting rain later in the day.

First quick stop was the Paud O'Donoghue memorial. This is a point in the Irish Photo Rally, I am hoping to get all 24 points on my journey around Ireland.

Next stop was the Skerries Windmills another photo rally point.

Then onto Monasterboice to have a look at the high crosses. 

Via the Craigmore viaduct. 

Next photo rally point was  Master McGrath statue, it was raining  by the time I got here.

I was going to look at some other stuff and follow the coast North but the rain got heavier and I had a headache so decided to miss those and head straight to the hotel.

The last few days I have been waking up with a very sore little finger on my left hand and also my left elbow has been sore, last night I noticed my right hip was sore and was wondering why I was feeling like this. Whilst riding along today (plenty of time to think in your helmet) my right elbow was also hurting. Then it hit me I can't remember when I last took my Lupus medication (whoops), and the joint pains I'm now having are the same as when I was diagnosed. Best get straight onto that.

 Very cool hotel dating back to 1614.

 Gráinne is undercover and out of the rain for the night with another large cat to keep her company. 🐅🐆

 I thought it was supposed to be summer. The hotel has the fire going.

Click the target for today's photos🎯

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