03 August 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 29 - Richmond to Corsewall Lighthouse

km ridden today: 336
km ridden total: 4408
Photos today: 219
Photos total: 6911
Castles/Palaces total: 3
Pubs visited total: 12 
Churches/Cathedrals total: 14
Ferries total: 2
Rainy days total: 7
Unbelievable that the morning that I am leaving Yorkshire the sun is shining.

Some awesome riding today. Beautiful scenery and some really fun roads that had me laughing in my helmet. There were a couple of stretches of straight roads that were dippy (for want of a better word) I am pretty sure that I saw air on a couple of occasions.

Hadrians Wall.

Then a thank you Scotland for welcoming me with a blue sky.

I had now been on the bike for quiet awhile and was feeling it was really getting close to needing a pitstop. I thought I could stop in Dumfries but it was really busy and I didn't want to have to stray to far from where I parked. I then saw some public toilets so pulled up put they were on a hill and no way to park the bike and keep it upright, so I decided to continue on. 

I was now pretty desperate and then I saw a sign for a garden centre which also had a coffee shop, just in the nick of time. I will keep my eye out for these garden centres again when on my travels.
Stay in a lighthouse, that will be cool, sure it is. But... So I reckon I street viewed all the roads I will be riding on this trip, but obviously missed the roads to the lighthouse, because if I'd seen it I wouldn't have stayed here.

Pretty hairy coming down I nearly dropped her once, passed a car so had to pull into a pass spot not designed for a bike, track is loose stone and some dirt, photos show the best of it, the car park is all loose stone so very slippery underfoot. Lucky it's not raining.

Can you spot the seal?

I am dreading the trip back out tomorrow. Here's the kicker there is a 50% chance of rain tonight and 90% tomorrow. Looks like Scotland is trying to out do Yorkshire.

So I have been carrying my drone around with me all this time and decided I should give it a go. It took me ages to get it to connect to the remote. It was fairly windy so was a bit worried about flying it to high (and I hadn't really flown it before).

Click the target for today's photos 🎯

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