06 August 2019

2019 UK/Ireland Trip Day 32 - Isle of Barra to Eriskay

Isle of Barra to Eriskay
6 August 2019
Day 32
Km Today: 53
Km Total: 4971
Photos Today: 340
Photos Total: 7521
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Full Scottish to start the day, which was fantastic.

Then a bit of a walk.

It rained overnight and there was water in my pannier, I don't know how it is getting in. I thought it must have been coming from underneath when I was moving but there is water every time it rains. 

It's 1300 and I have already done a lap around  the island in 1st gear (don't want to miss anything by going fast) 😂.

I found somewhere where I could have a fly of my drone. Still need lots of practice.

So many names from such a small population.

And then it was time for coffee & a scone and what a view.

Then it was off to the ferry terminal at the north of the island to catch the ferry to Eriskay.

 Had a fantastic day. Beautiful weather fantastic scenery a nice ferry ride to Eriskay and a beautiful B&B An Taigh Mor.

Met some fellow Aussies who are also staying at the B&B. Nice to chat to Debbie & Larry from Toronto in NSW

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