17 August 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 43 - Holyhead to Dublin

km ridden today: 132
km ridden total: 7340
Photos today: 115
Photos total: 10,223
Castles/Palaces total: 5
Pubs visited total: 18 
Churches/Cathedrals total: 15
Distilleries total: 2
Ferries total: 7

Rainy days total: 14


Beautiful morning in Holyhead. Hoping it's the same in Dublin.

Gráinne has company on today's ferry trip.

And it turns out that the owner of the GS is also an ex Sapper (he noticed the stickers on my panniers). He was a RE for 16 years.

Nearly in Dublin.

So Gráinne & I could certainly get used to this, and there is blue sky & sunshine. There was a bit of rain on my ride from the port though.

It was to early to check in so I got changed found the nearest shoe repair place and called a taxi. 

Whilst walking down some narrow stone stairs at Castle Campbell, I caught my heel and it pulled the sole off (the repair did last a little while), hopefully I can get the boot resoled before I leave Dublin.

Not good news with the boot, the guy said it would need to go back to the factory to be resoled (can't believe I was right there for 4 days). He said he could glue it back on again but it probably wouldn't last long and could become a safety issue, so I decided I'd get a new pair of boots. I've had the Altberg's for about 7 years so got a good run out of them.

I (thanks to Google) discovered the Triumph dealer was not far away so I got a cab there. They didn't have any boots to fit me, but I did get a cute Tiger.

The lady there told me about Bikeworld not far away so grabbed another cab and off I went. This time success, I came away with a pair of RST boots.

I was also looking for a spare battery for my @Schuberth sena system, the other day I was mistaken when I thought the battery had gone flat (I was thinking it should last longer and normally says the battery is low), the battery is stuffed, it won't charge, so another thing I can hopefully get sorted under warranty when I get home.

The other warranty issue is the so called "rugged" mount for my @garmin camera. I got on the Garmin support over here who won't replace it as they need to inspect it first, since I am moving around they can't guarantee that they can get it fixed and back to me before I leave to go home. I'm pretty pissed off about it as well as I haven't had it very long and it stopped working after the first lot of heavy rain so definitely is not fit for purpose and considering it is the sort of product that people who travel around would use their support is pretty crap. I have had a lot of Garmin products over the years but will look for alternatives in the future. They should have kept the same design as the Virb XE instead of jumping on the GoPro look alike bandwagon. (Rant over for now).

Click the target for today's photos 🎯

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