26 November 2011

Gotm Weekend for Sydney Motorcycle Show

The plan was to ride up to Sydney book into the motel is Ashfield and then catch the bus or train to Darling Harbour to attend the Sydney Motorcycle show which is only held ever 2 years. 

The days leading up to the show weekend were very wet so we made the decision to drive to Sydney instead. I am glad we did this as it poured the whole way there. It would not have been a very nice ride. 

Ange & Glenda at the Motel

The Motel we stayed in.

Ange, Rebecca, Joan & Glenda waiting for the bus.

Me, Rebecca, Joan & Glenda waiting for the bus.

Glenda, Rebecca & Ange (trying to hide) on the bus.

At the show.

At the show.

The best stand at the show.

Tiger 800.

A Thruxton with an Arrow 2 into 1 Scrambler exhaust.

Matt black Scrambler.

Khaki Scrambler.

Tex, Bundy & Cheeky.

Glenda trying out a Victory.

Joan trying out a Bonnie SE.

Joan trying out a Bonnie T100.

Joan trying out a Scrambler.

Rebecca trying a scooter on for size.

Outside the exhibition at Darling Harbour.

Ange & Glenda couldn't make it back to the Motel after dinner they had to have a Lima Lima Delta (Little Lie Down) on the bowling green.

12 November 2011

The Long Ride - Day 8

Sorry I have been so slack in updating the last day of the ride.

We organised to meet at the BP in Watson at 8am for our final leg of The Long Ride. We had to be near the airport in Sydney for departure into Darling Harbour at 13:00.

 At the start point for the day.

Lake George

 Lake George

 Lake George

 Goulburn for Breakfast

 Pheasants Nest for Fuel

 At the gather point near the airport.

 At the gather point near the airport.

 At the gather point near the airport trying to get out of the sun.

We were given a briefing on the route into Darling Harbour. Everything went to hell when at the toll booth a group went to the pay cash lane, this split everyone up and most of us didn't know where we were going. We saw groups of bikes going in all different directions, I stuck with a few bikes and they finally got me there.

 We made it Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour Chris & Gail.

 Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour.

 Darling Harbour.

We stayed for a drink and then headed for the motel which was in St Leonards and thankfully was pretty easy to get to.

Our Room. It was very nice.

 Ange wanted to know how to turn the air con on. Um Ange that is the safe. 

 We even had a courtyard. Thank goodness Ange decided to put her boots out there.

We had a bit of a rest and refresh and then got ready to make our way to the dinner which was a harbour cruise. We caught the train from St Leonards to somewhere and then had a walk down to Milsons Point.

 Luna Park

  The Harbour Bridge.

 The Opera House.

 Marilyn, Myself & Ange enjoying a well deserved refreshment after a fantastic trip.

 James, Peter & Rob waiting for dinner.

 Peter & Chris.

 James & Peter.

The dinner cruise was fantastic I would definitely recommend it if you are in Sydney. The harbour is so beautiful and there was a fantastic fireworks display.