31 May 2013

Family Gathering Trip Day 6 - England - Weston-Super-Mare to Tintagel

We were up early it was a lovely day (finally) and went for a walk to the seaside. My sense of direction is not very good as we had walked about a km down the road only to discover we were going the wrong way. Whoops. When we finally were heading in the right direction we went through the main town area which was dirty and very smelly, we finally go to the seaside.

We stayed the night at the Saxonia Guesthouse. We had to lug our bags up and down what seemed like lots of stairs. The room was very small but the beds (mine at least) were comfortable and the breakfast was great, it was the start of the Full English Breakfast.

Mum outside the Saxonia Guesthouse.

The Sea Gulls were huge they are about double the size of the ones in Australia.

We packed up the car and headed off our destination today was to be Tintagel, the birthplace of King Arthur.

A strange statue of a man.

They have traffic lights for cows.

Some of the roads are very narrow.

I got a bit excited when I saw my first castle in the distance.

There were so many roads where the trees grew over the top of the road from both sides making a sort of tunnel it was beautiful.

We were then in Exmoor National Park and it was stunning we were lucky enough to see a group of ponies right next to the road.

It was amazing how buildings and wall were build right up to the road.

We found ourselves in this gorgeous town called Lynmouth so we stopped for a look around. This was my favourite place so far.

There was a really bad flood here in the 50's where 34 people were killed, amongst them were two young Australian women from Melbourne.

We decided to have morning tea here. I had a cream meringue it was so yummy that clotted cream is the best. I wish you could get it in Australia (although it is probably a good thing we can't).

Mum remembered Clovelly as a child so we decided to stop and have a look. It is amazing, very steep, we didn't go all the way to the bottom as it seemed to get steeper and we were thinking about the walk back to the top.

There was this cool car parked there.

It was cobblestone roads the whole way there were really uneven and very hard to walk on. I wouldn't want to do this in the wet.

The locals bring their shopping into the village on a sled (they must have very strong leg muscles)

Oh no it looks like dark clouds are coming over, but luckily it didn't amount to anything.