17 September 2016

2016 Wall 2 Wall Ride of Rememberance

Canberra - Goulburn - Canberra

17 September 2016


It was a beautiful sunny day, a great day for a ride and to remember and pay respect to fallen Police Officers from around Australia.

First stop was Old Parliament House to meet up with members from Blue, White, Red & Orange Knights.

 Then it was off to the National Police Memorial for a service commemorating fallen Officers from the ACT and Southern NSW.

It was great to catch up with some fellow FRoCers.


After the service it was a group ride to the NSW Police Force Academy in Goulburn with an escort of Police Bikes.

After lunch at the Academy we rode back to Canberra to the meet point at EPIC where the official ride was to start.

It took along time to get everyone out of EPIC and formed up along Northbourne Ave as there were over 2000 bikes. 

The bike next to me was the updated version of my bike and even the same colour.

It was awesome to see so many bikes lined up. There was a lot of slow moving and waiting till everyone was formed up, and it was getting quiet hot, I did have enough time whilst stopped to change to my summer gloves and remove my jacket liner.

It was good to get moving and it was a lovely ride through the city and then back to the Police Memorial for the service.