09 August 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 35 - Altnacealgach to Rogart

km ridden today: 258
km ridden total: 5613
Photos today: 297
Photos total: 8618
Castles/Palaces total: 3
Pubs visited total: 17 
Churches/Cathedrals total: 15
Ferries total: 6
Rainy days total: 10

Wow what a day. First 3 hours were not to bad, some blue sky but cold wind.

Weather was supposed to get bad around midday so I set off at 0730, with about 250km to do today.

It was cold and extremely windy. My core certainly got a work out holding the bike up. It took me 2hrs to travel 80km.

But worth it amazing scenery.

Then came the rain. I couldn't see much of the coast line, it was also very windy, scarily so especially on single lane, windy, hilly roads.

I was really cold but at least dry. By around 1230 I really needed to find somewhere to stop before I wet myself, there are definitely no bushes to duck behind out here. 😊

I was thinking that I may just have to hold on for another 70km until I got to my destination but then about 20km further on thankfully there was the @altnaharrahotel so I stopped, just in time, there was even another Tiger in the carpark to keep Grania company.

After 2 coffees and some lunch, and a bit warmer I decided it was time to tackle the last 50km, but not without my heated gear.

I got wet and cold getting it all out but once I was moving and I turned that dial my praise went out to the gods that are @gerbing_heated_clothing as the warmth on my hands was like a little slice of heaven. 🤣

It was nice to finally arrive at the cool (not as in temp, but it is that as well) railway carriage. First thing was to unload the bike and seconce was put the heater on. 

The rain had more or less stopped by the time I decided I needed to go get dinner, which was just a short walk away up to the pub.

The local cenotaph has the name of an Australian on it "SGT John Baillie".

Click the target for today's photos 🎯

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