16 August 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 42 - Bishop Auckland to Holyhead

km ridden today: 381
km ridden total: 7208
Photos today: 151
Photos total: 10,108
Castles/Palaces total: 5
Pubs visited total: 18 
Churches/Cathedrals total: 15
Distilleries total: 2
Ferries total: 6

Rainy days total: 14


Absolute 💩house day.

It started raining just after I packed the bike and took this photo.

Pouring rain and windy the whole time so far so decided to come off the A roads onto the motorway, think it's worse having to deal with the added stress with heaps of trucks and other traffic.

Had to stop (you can probably guess why) after about 175km which took about 2 1/2 hours. I have now refuelled Gráinne and am now fuelling myself with coffee to warm up.

I stupidly I packed away my heated gear the other day I now have it out for the next leg. I have about 200km still to go. Lucky I zipped up this morning. So at least I am dry thanks to my Klim gear.

Today is the first day on this trip that I really don't want to get back on the road, but I have a ferry to catch tomorrow & hopefully Ireland will be kinder.

With about 150km to go all of a sudden my music stopped (great thats all I need).

I went a further 40km to some services (as I needed another pitstop as well) lucky it was just a flat battery & I have a spare one of those. All good & off I go again.

Traffic was very slow moving for quite a while. I'm getting good at filtering even with Gráinne's wide ass.🤣 Most of the vehicles actually move over to let you through.

I did think Wales was going to be nice to me as there was no rain for about 30km but no I was mistaken the rain & wind came back with avengence. I went through a few tunnels and these provided a short period of relief from the weather.

I finally made it to Holyhead.

All things considered it can be classed as a good day, it didn't hail or snow❄ and I made it safely to my destination and tomorrow is a new day full of hope🤞 for ☀️.

Holy crapoli. I do believe that is blue sky.

And a Happy Birthday to my Great Uncle Jack who turns 90 today.

Click the target for today's photos🎯

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