13 June 2012

HU Meeting - Day 7

Day 7 Rutherford NSW to Canberra ACT

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It had rained on and off during the night and was sprinkling when I left Cliffy's place.

10,000 km I had to pull over to take a pic. It is foggy as the camera lens had condensation, that's what happens with 3 days of rain.

Lake George and you can actually see water.

Nearly Home.

12 June 2012

HU Meeting - Day 6

Day 6 Urunga NSW to Rutherford NSW

I awoke to hear the rain drumming on the roof. There goes the hope of having a nice days ride. Well at least my clothes had dried out overnight. So the route changed for today no side tracking as was planned but straight to Rutherford to catch up with Cliffy who I haven't seen in about 16 years.

Out the back of the pub.


I couldn't believe it when I actually saw some blue sky.

The rain started to ease from Kempsey with only the occasional shower instead of the torrential rain that I have been getting.

I passed this nice old car. 

 I even encountered some dry roads.

I had managed to dry out a bit by the time I got to Cliffy's place. He had the fire going so I placed my wet gear around it and then got to sit down and have a lovely cuppa and a catch up.

It was great to catch up with Cliffy and meet Shell and the kids and a big thanks to them for putting me up for the night.