29 August 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 55 - Clifden to Tullamore

Clifden to Tullamore
29 August 2019
Day 55
Km Today: 289
Km Total: 9291
Photos Today: 112
Photos Total: 12,405
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Overcast morning.

Photo Rally Point # 24 Omey Island.

This was on my route yesterday and with the bad weather I decided not to go there not realising it was a photo rally point. I was 750 metres away. 😠

This morning I had to do an extra 26km to get this.

I set out this morning and was going to ride the sky road but it started hammering down and was really windy so I turned around and went the short route.

It unbelievable how quickly it changed from extreme winds and torrential rain to blue sky.

Although the blue sky didn't last long.

It was raining a little bit when I stopped to take this photo of the Connemara Giant.

It started to get heavier so I put my phone in my tank bag and put on it's waterproof cover, and then the heavens opened and there was torrential rain as you can see by the second photo.

The rain and strong winds lasted for most of the day. Today was nearly on par with the ride to Holyhead.

Photo Rally Point # 14 Corcomroe Abbey and thankfully no rain.

There were some nice views.

And to finish off the day Photo Rally Point # 13 Mick The Miller.

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