01 August 2019

2019 UK/Ireland Trip Day 27 - Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales
1 August 2019
Day 27
Km Today: 197
Km Total: 3871
Photos Today: 493
Photos Total: 6289
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              A big thanks to Walter for taking me on an awesome ride around the Yorkshire Dales today.

What can I say.

Yorkshire didn't put on a very nice welcome for me but certainly redeemed it's self today. There were a few spots of rain, other than that it was great riding weather.

The scenery I saw today is what I had envisaged I would see on this trip (it must come from watching to many English TV shows). Down south I had some ok scenery but most of the roads I rode where surrounded by hedges so you couldn't really see much, but today WOW spectacular scenery mostly open roads, up and down valleys, everything I had hoped for.

I loved coming into all the little villages with all the stone buildings.

The hard decision today was do I concentrate on riding the nice roads or taking in the scenery, there were occasions when I was concentrating on the scenery when I really should have been paying more attention to the roads 😁

It was horrible to see some of the devastation that the flooding had caused.

If you live in the UK and haven't been here, honestly you really need to.

I wish I had more time here.

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