19 August 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 45 - Dublin

km ridden today: 0
km ridden total: 7340
Photos today: 96
Photos total: 10,517
Castles/Palaces total: 5
Pubs visited total: 18 
Churches/Cathedrals total: 15
Distilleries total: 3
Ferries total: 7

Rainy days total: 14

Mostly blue skies but a really cold wind.

Lucky I had Rattie with me to keep my head warm. A bloke on the bus told me he liked my hat.

This morning was just a lap around Dublin on the bus.

The house of Arthur Guinness, he had 21 children, which meant his wife was pregnant for nearly 16 years. 😲

After getting something to eat and a coffee I just wandered around the city, clocking up 12km as I went.

Then I did a bit of grocery shopping. I wish hotels over here had fridges in the rooms. Tomorrow is going to be a rest day where I won't leave the hotel. I will do some blog updates, check over Grania and just relax, so I got some food to keep me going. I purchased a cooler bag and some ice to keep things cold.

Click the target for today's photos🎯

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