I never had any interest in motorbikes.

In July 2007 I changed jobs, I used to get free parking at my previous job and when I changed jobs and started working in the city I had to pay for parking. Motorcycles get to park for free so I decided that I would get my licence.

I booked onto the Stayup Right Learners course which is 2 x half days. My brother was moving overseas so I bought one of his bikes. My brother bought the bike to my place the evening after I had passed the course. The next day I went and got my motorcycle L's put on my licence and the day after that I rode to work.

I had been bitten. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would love riding a bike so much. (If I had know if was such fun I would have got my licence a lot sooner)

Shortly after this I joined Girls On The Move (Got'm)
 a local club whose aim is to promote and encourage safe motorcycling for women.

Not long after this I discovered a local forum called Canberra Riders (CR)
 who are a bunch of locals with an enjoyment in motorcycling who meet for coffee once a week and often ride together.

About 3 1/2 months after getting my learners I went for my Provisional licence. I passed this with flying colours with no points lost. (a 
lot of thanks goes to the people at CR who helped me practice).

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