14 August 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 40 - Edinburgh

km ridden today: 0
km ridden total: 6536
Photos today: 251
Photos total: 9812
Castles/Palaces total: 5
Pubs visited total: 18 
Churches/Cathedrals total: 15
Distilleries total: 2
Ferries total: 6

Rainy days total: 13

Today I had a late start (I didn't sleep very well, the person (I'm assuming a bloke) in the room next to me was snoring like a trooper, it was so loud it seemed like he was right beside me. In the end I had to put my ear plugs in), I had breakfast at 0900 I then headed to the post office to send a package to myself at my cousins place in London. I then strolled down to have a look at HMY Britannia.

There were a lot of stickers stuck on the lockers down in the sailors quarters, even 1 from the Humpty Doo Hotel.

And if you compare the 2 photos below you can see the addition of 1 more.

I then did the hop on hop of bus thing, did a lap around and on the second lap I got off at the castle.

I had a very quick look around the castle, there was just to many people. It is a bad time to be in Edinburgh with with the Fringe Festival & the Tattoo both on.

I wasn't going to come to Edinburgh, I originally had 4 nights booked at Glenisla. I changed it to 2 and the 2 here. Honestly I wish I had kept the originally booking and stayed in the country.

Next stop was definitely more my style.

This is the whisky I tried. I found it only ok.

I was in whisky heaven surrounded by that collection. I have a few bottles more to get to match it. 😁

I would have liked to have purchased some more, even though I can take 2.25 litres home duty free, I am stopping in Turkey on the way home and they have a 1 litre limit. 😩

It was only about 4km back to where I am staying so I decided to walk.

I'm glad I did because not far from the B&B was this old church. 

I had a wander around the graveyard where I saw this cheeky local.

Click the target for today's photos 🎯

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