08 August 2019

2019 UK/Ireland Trip Day 34 - Harris to Altnacealgach

Harris to Altnacealgach
8 August 2019
Day 34
Km Today: 248
Km Total: 5355
Photos Today: 376
Photos Total: 8100
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Tigh An Eilein is a lovely B&B with a fantastic view, Harvey & Christina are wonderful hosts, this is another place I would like to have stayed longer. 

They suggested that I head back towards Leverburgh and have a look at St Clement's Church and then head up the west coast as it was more scenic.

Loved the church

and the scenery

Visited the Calanais Stones, there was no noise emulating from them, I touched them but unfortunately there was no Jamie waiting on the other side for me. If you don't know what I am referring to then you have obviously been living under a rock, 😁 then check out Outlander, I do still prefer the books.

Then it was off to the ferry terminal at Stornoway to head back to the mainland. My trip to the Outer Hebrides was very quick but I loved it. I really hope I get a chance to get back there at some stage and spent a bit more time looking around.

Weather was a bit hit & miss on Harris & especially Lewis, but when I got off the ferry the weather was beautiful in Ullapool.

And the scenery speaks for itself.

Tonight's accommodation was at the Altnacealgach Hotel, great hotel run by Craig & Sue, lovely refurbished rooms, great meals at the Inn next door.

View from my room.

Left my mark.

Thought I would give this a try tonight.

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