11 August 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 37 - Rogart to Glenisla

km ridden today: 257
km ridden total: 6119
Photos today: 157
Photos total: 9022
Castles/Palaces total: 3
Pubs visited total: 18 
Churches/Cathedrals total: 15
Distilleries total: 1
Ferries total: 6

Rainy days total: 11

Ohhhh Scotland what are you doing to me????

It was overcast when I set off, and then the rain and more rain and then some more.

A quick photo of the Cumberland Stone.

First stop was Culloden, I didn't walk the battlefield as I'd had enough of being in the rain. So had a coffee and scone and then headed off.

I took the scenic route, which I'm sure was scenic if only I could have seen it. 🤣

Next time (and I am really hoping for a next time) when planning out my routes I will scout out petrol and toilet stops and not leave it for chance (I know this seems to be an ongoing theme, but it is cold and wet).

It had stopped raining just before Braemar, and thankfully there was a petrol station there, and more thankfully it had a toilet (it seems a lot of servos don't have them), You should have seen the dance going on whilst trying to get my jacket off.

So off I set and WOW (this seems to be my word for Scotland, as well as a few choice others on occasion).

Pictures don't do it justice, I can't even imagine how spectacular this would look with the sun shining ☀️ (although I'm beginning to think that Scotland does not know what that means🤣)

I have said a number of times since arriving in Scotland that I wish I had a job I could do from anywhere, if so I would certainly live on this side of the world.

I'm assuming this is where the cattle come from???

 My home for the next two nights, what a lovely hotel.

Click the target for today's photos 🎯

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