14 July 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 9 - Portsmouth to Newenden

km ridden today: 210
km ridden total: 826
Photos today: 427
Photos total: 2149
Castles/Palaces total: 1
Pubs visited total: 3 
Churches/Cathedrals total: 6
Ferries total: 2 
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Another early start but it is nice to get up and get going early when there is less traffic.

It was a beautiful morning when I left Portsmouth. 

My first stop was at Boxgrove Priory at Chichester which dates from the 12th Century. 

It is a beautiful church and I would have spent a bit more time inside but it is Sunday and I happened to get there in the middle of a service.

I did go inside and managed to get some photos from the back of the church but bike gear isn't great for trying to creep around quietly.

I love the thatched roof cottages.

I experienced my first bit of English rain for this trip, it wasn't much just enough to be annoying by having to continually wipe the visor.

My plan was when working out today's route was to have a look at St Barts Church in Horley and then have a break at Ye Olde Six Bells. Best laid plans.

Had a quick look around the church.

Note to self in future do not have a look at church's on Sunday's. First church service had started second church service about to start.

My next stop was Old Bayham Abbey in Tunbridge Wells, this is an English Heritage site. 

I joined English Heritage before I came on my trip as it looks like they have a lot of sites I will visit over my time here.

By this time I really needed to visit the ladies, so decided to stop at the next pub which happened to be the Elephant's Head. I had a half of Harvey's Sussex Best and a delicious fish pie. I sat outside the pub for a while as I didn't have much further to go. It was very pleasant sitting in the sunshine (when it actually appeared).

My next stop was at The White Hart in Newenden Kent which is my destination for the day and my home for the next four nights. I had a Guinness to quench my thirst and lovely roast lamb for dinner.

I had a great day riding going through beautiful villages, riding fantastic (but bumpy) country roads, seeing ancient ruins.

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