19 July 2019

2019 UK/Ireland Trip Day 14 - Sawbridgeworth to Triumph to Kirby Muxloe

Sawbridgeworth to Triumph to Kirby Muxloe
19 July 2019
Day 14
Km Today: 197
Km Total: 1754
Photos Today: 158
Photos Total: 3722
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Big thanks to Ann for putting me up for the night and cooking me dinner & breakfast.

England is really putting the weather on, heavy rain for most of the way.

Who cares when you are at the Triumph HQ & Grania is home (sort of, Tiger 800's are not made in Hinkley but in Thailand).

I arrived around 1220, my tour wasn't until 1430 so I had heaps of time to have a look around before the tour.

A "Streak" of Tigers.

Thanks to Neil & Elaine for coming down from Derby to meet up & Laura-Ann for her big 4 minute trek. 😀

I enjoyed the tour, we didn't get to see any bikes in production as the factory stops work early on Fridays. I was disappointed in the clothing range at the shop. They had a really cool Tiger t-shirt it was a ladies cut with the biggest size being XXL which I reckon would have been lucky to be a M.

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