08 July 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 3 - Churchill War Rooms/London Eye

12km - walking
Photos Today: 148
Photos Total: 167
My first day in London, I didn't really have a plan. I was up early so decided to get going. I walked down to the train station at Enfield Chase. It was a bit overcast and rather cool.

I got off the tube at Oxford Circus, I decided I would check out the Churchill War Rooms so entered it into Google Maps on my phone and off I went.

I passed Nespresso it wasn't open as it was to early. I did mean to go in at some stage just to see what an Aussie Summer tastes like.

Lots of statues in London.

Memorial for those killed in the Bali Bombing.

Got to Churchill War Rooms and there was already 3 people there.  I got there around 0830 they don't open to 0930 so a bit of a wait. It was very interesting and worth the wait.

Churchill wore a onsie.

I left the war rooms and headed towards the London Eye.

My walk took me past Westminster Abbey. The queue was very long. I wasn't intending on going in as I visited in 2013.

London Eye - I went on this in 2000 the year it opened, it was also an overcast day. Honestly I don't think this is worth the cost it was £30 which came to approx $56 Aussie dollars.

Whilst up on the eye I noticed a floating pub on the other side of the Thames so thought I had better check it out.

Fish & Chips, mushy peas and a Jameson Irish Whiskey for lunch. It was very pleasant sitting on The Tattershall Castle (once the garbage barge had moved) watching the boats go up and down the Thames. Rattie even made an appearance.

12km not bad for a day of sight seeing around London.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and the great photographs. Keep it up and have a fantastic time.

  2. Thanks. I am hoping to get a couple of more entries done today.