13 February 2015

2015 Tassie Trip - Day 3

Devonport - Beauty Point - Bicheno


I had a pretty good nights sleep last night despite the howling wind and cold. I found the motel room to be very cold and could not find any info about a heater, but there was an electric blanket it on the bed thank goodness.

I was up and on the road by 0800 it seemed like it would be a nice day although there was a fairly cold breeze.

 A nice view.

Blackberry bushes.

First stop was Beauty Point to do tours of Seahorse World & Platypus House.


These Seahorses are between 4 & 24 hours old.

They have a range of other sea creatures as well.


It was cool (not only beacuse the water was freezing) being able to touch some of them.

60 year old Crayfish.

Clown Fish (my favourite fish).

We were able to touch these stuffed versions of a Platypus & Echidna. I was surprised at how soft the Platypus is.

I really enjoyed both tours they are well worth a visit. 

The weather had cleared and it was nice and sunny at Campbell Town, but it didn't last long. I even had the air con on in the car for a short while.

I made it to Bicheno which is my home for the night.

I booked into the Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park, found my cabin and unpacked the car.

I then headed out for a walk packing my raincoat and umbrella as it wasn't looking promising out.

By this stage I was getting really hungry as the only thinks I had eaten today was a fruit ice cream at Beauty Point & a small punnet of blackberries. So I headed down to The Gulch to check out the seafood.

Saw the oysters and had to try a dozen, I reckon they were the best oysters I have ever eaten.

No better place then eating them by the sea side.

 I also ordered some grilled fish which I took back to the cabin to eat.

Only a short walk today.

I had a good day that is until my Mum rang. My parents are in Canberra looking after my cat Dessie. Dessie hasn't been well since the end of last year, he has lost 3kgs and was hungry all the time. He has had a heap of tests but they still don't know what is actually wrong with him, although they do think that he may have a mass on his liver. He seemed to be doing ok the last few weeks. 

Mum rang to tell me that he isn't good, he has been throwing up and now does not seem interested in food. My sister said he looks the same as there cat did when it was time to put here Mum has made an appointment with the vet for 1430 tomorrow and if he doesn't improve they are going to put him down.  I knew this was coming but didn't expect it so soon. If he does get put down it will be so sad all over again going home as for the last 10 years he has been there to greet me.
Me & my beautiful baby boy.

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