19 February 2015

2015 Tassie Trip - Day 9

Hobart - Hamilton
73 km

I slept really well last night and was awake quiet early. I went for a walk into town and had breakfast. I also bought myself a couple of pairs of hiking pants and then went and picked up the hire car. 

They were running short of cars so asked if I would be ok with a Mercedes. It is a small car than I had booked but a bit more luxurious. They gave me a run down of the car and then I set off.  The car is an automatic with the stick on the right side of the steering wheel, you lift the lever up for reverse and down for drive there is a button on the end for park. The indicators and wipers are on the left side. As most would be aware when you start driving a car with the levers switched you tend to still use the right lever to indicate, I did this on numerous occasions and found my 
self in neutral or reverse (it seems silly that it would allow this to happen when you are moving). It also has eco mode, the car actually turns off when you are stopped with your foot on the brake it then restarts when you lift your foot off the brake, this takes a bit to get used to.
I made it back to the motel, checked out and headed off to Hamilton to visit Jacqui & Tim.

My first time driving a Mercedes.

 It was a lovely day and a very pleasant drive.

I arrived at Jacqui & Tims and around mid day. It was great to catch up with them after about 11 years. They took me out for lunch the pub in the nearby town of Ouse. We then had a nice drive around the country side and bought some lovely cherries and blackberries.

 Fatty having his dinner

Missy & Creamy having dinner.
Jacqui cooked a lovely gluten free beef with black bean sauce and we spent the day and a lot of the night catching up.

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