15 February 2015

2015 Tassie Trip - Day 5

Hobart - Richmond - Hobart

52km by bus
13.96 km of walking

 I had a nice sleep in and when I got up it was looking nice outside. The forecast was 28 with showers I was hoping the showers bit was wrong.

 Looks nice out.

I was out the door by about 0930 which gave me two hours to look around Hobart before I had to catch the bus out to Richmond. 

I found some more markets. If I had the facilities to cook I think I would have bought a heap of stuff from here. I ended up getting some apricots.

When we arrived in Richmond we were greeted by the sound of bagpipes. It just happened that the Highland Fair was on.

Nice men in kilts ;)

For those that have not read the Outlander series of books or watched the series. One of the main characters is Jamie Fraser. I highly recommend the series by Diana Gabaldon.

There was a Scottish dancing comp. It seemed there was only one boy amongst all the girls.


A beautiful Scottie Terrier.

The video is a bit skew wiff I didn't realise that I had put the video on. 

Richmond is home to the oldest bridge in Australia.

I got myself a selfie stick it is just a stick and most of the time the voice activation on my phone doesn't work so I look like an idiot standing there saying cheese, capture and shoot trying to get it to work. Most times I end up reaching out and touching the screen to take the photo.

 Gorgeous view from the bridge.


St John's Catholic Church. The oldest Catholic Church in Australia.

A beautiful Irish Wolfhound. She was so friendly.

 I thought I had better have something to eat before I started the Whisky tasting. I couldn't find anything around town that was quick and was gluten free so I got this smoked salmon & cheese. The smoked salmon was delicious.

 So the stories goes. I discovered that there were whisky tours out of Hobart to 3-4 distilleries and that the only tour I would be able to do was the one on 15th Feb. I thought it would be a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday.

I booked the tour and organised my Tassie trip around being in Hobart on the 14th so I could do the tour on the 15th. A couple of weeks before my holiday I got a phone call from the tour company saying the tour was cancelled. I wasn't happy. Then a friend recommended The Richmond Tasting House so I booked a bus to go out there.

I am glad in a way that the tour was cancelled, otherwise I would not have had the chance to see Richmond which is beautiful, and I had a really good time at the Tasting House. Julie is a fantastic host and I would recommend if anyone is down this way to make a visit to Richmond and the Tasting House.

The six different Whiskys I tried in order of drinking.  I ordered a bottle of the first and last.

After the Whisky I decided on an ice cream a very nice salted caramel.

 There was a traffic jam on our return to Hobart.

On my return to Hobart I thought I would visit Lark Distillery. I like the Drambulance.

Check out all those Whiskys.

 I sampled one of the single malt and the gentleman behind the bar, gave me some of there rum for my birthday, I then had a shot of Sláinte. After all that Whisky I though I had better go for a wander and see what I was going to have for dinner.

I decided that I would like a seafood platter for my birthday dinner. I want nice fresh seafood. I walked and walked and walked and could not find anything like I wanted. I did find something in the end.

 My dinner.

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