14 February 2015

2015 Tassie Trip - Day 4

Bicheno - Hobart

177 km

  I will start off with news of Dessie after speaking to Mum last night she cancelled his appointment to see how he goes over the next few days. My parents were going to go home on Monday but are now staying with Dessie to Wednesday and then my sister will check on him till I get home.

I spoke to Mum today and she said he seems a bit better and is eating, so fingers crossed he will continue to improve. I know he is not going to get better but hopefully I will get a bit more time with him.
I woke during the night to hear rain, It was still raining when I got up this morning. It's days like this that I am glad I am not on the bike. The plan today was to drive straight to Hobart, return the hire car and hopefully get to check out the Salamanca Markets.

I was on the road by about 0830 the rain stopped long enough for me to pack the car.
It's raining. Glad I'm not on the bike.

 Even with the rain there were some nice views.

The other day (and again today) I was driving a long and the car started making a dinging sound it would do it on and off I couldn't work out why as there were no warning lights showing on the dash, it did it multiple times, I kept looking around to try and work out what it was then I looked to the left and saw a red light on. It was the warning light and dinging for the passenger seat belt. I really didn't think that my hand bag was that heavy that a car would think it was a person sitting in the seat. I think it is time to sort through my bag.

I arrived in Hobart at about 1100, I dropped my bag at the Fountainside Hotel, they organised to have my room cleaned next and said it would be ready in an hour, I returned the hire car and then went for a walk to check out the markets.

Dreary in Hobart.

Lots of memorials in the park.


Some beautiful old buildings.

 I made it to the markets. It was raining on and off. I started out with my umbrella out but thought it was a bit dangerous in the close confines of the markets with all the people around, so I put on my raincoat but then I got to hot, in the end I just got wet.
 Salamanca Markets


After looking around the markets I had a quick walk along the water on my way back to the hotel. I needed to get back to the hotel as my back pack was fairly heavy and I was exhausted.

 Some cool old cars went past.

I got back to the hotel and checked into my room. It is very nice.

I thought my whisky tasting was going to start tomorrow but there were a couple of stalls at the markets. The first I tasted was from Nant Distillery (the small bottle) it's the first whisky that I have tasted that I would actually be able to drink straight. 

I then found the stall for Lark Distillery a nice young man with a gorgeous Scottish accent served me. I tried the Sláinte. I pronounced it the Irish way and received a bit of a language lesson. The Irish spelling is sláinte and the Scottish is slàinte. The angle of the accent changes the pronunciation. He said they had spelt it wrong on the bottle using the Irish form when the whisky is a Scottish recipe. Anyhow sláinte or slàinte to you all, it is awesome my new favourite whisky liqueur. I'm really looking forward to tasting more whiskys tomorrow.

This afternoon my friends Phill & Pepe who I haven't seen in about 20 years gave me a tour around Hobart and then took me for dinner at their local.

 Pepe & Phill.

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