17 February 2015

2015 Tassie Trip - Day 7

Port Arthur

5.47 km of walking

206 km of road


 I did not have a good sleep last night I probably was lucky to have had about 3 hours total. I think the same thing was happening this morning as it does for my first morning shift. I can never seem to sleep when I am relying on the alarm to wake me up. Anyhow the alarm went off at 0630 I was being picked up at the hotel at 7.30. The weather didn't look crash hot.
Not the best looking day.

There were only six people doing the tour, an older couple from New Jersey, three ladies from the same family (I am assuming Grandmother, Mother & Daughter) from Melbourne and myself.

We stopped to have a look at a salt water canal.

Beautiful view although not the finest weather.

 We did a 2.96km bush walk along the cliffs.

We saw a cute little Wallaby.

We visited the Federation Chocolate Factory which is quite small and we got to taste all the chocolate flavours. It is very nice chocolate.

Then it was onto Unzoo to see the Tassie Devils.

They look so cute, they were very sleepy.

They soon woke up when they smelt the food.

There was also a bird show.

Then it was onto Port Arthur, there was a harbour cruise and an introductory tour and then some time to wander around.

We were given a card at the start and we could go down and see which convict the card belonged to and what happened to them.

I got 7 of spades which matched up to Thomas Davis.



Memorial to the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre.

 After leaving Port Arthur we headed to Richmond. Yippee I can taste more Whisky.

I tried these two I really like the Apple Whisky the Cream Liqueur was nice but I prefer the coffee one I tried on Sunday.

We stopped and one last look out before heading back to the hotel.

I was meeting up with Jeffro this evening so I headed into town to get something to eat and then Jeffro was going to pick me up.

Starters. I also had scallops and chips.

Jeffro took me to go and see her daughter Charlie. The last time I saw Charlie was when she was a day old she is now 19 and only a couple of weeks away from having her own baby.

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