16 February 2015

2015 Tassie Trip - Day 6

Hobart -Mount Wellington

8.55 km of walking

I had a really good sleep last night and a good sleep in I woke when my alarm went off at 0900.  I think if my alarm hadn't been set I would have slept longer.

It was going to be a beautiful day.

I didn't have an really plans for today, I was just going to wander around Hobart. I went to the Post Office (PO) to get a satchel so that I could mail some stuff home to myself. I ended up buying a proper selfie stick with bluetooth.

Testing the new selfie stick.

I was on my way to the PO to lodge my package when I received a call from Phill asking if I would like to have a look up Mount Wellington. He came into town and picked my up. (Thanks heaps Phill for this I really enjoyed it).

 The views were getting more spectacular the higher we got, and the temperature was changing with it getting a lot cooler.

It was fairly cold and windy at the top although Phill reckons the wind wasn't to bad compared to what it can be like.

Spectacular views.

After our visit to the mountain Phill dropped me in town and I had another walk around.

I love the old buildings.


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