11 February 2015

2015 Tassie Trip Day 1 - Canberra to Launceston

Canberra - Melbourne - Launceston

I had finished night shift yesterday morning and had just over 3 hours sleep during the day. I went to bed about 2330 and woke at 0230 and couldn't get back to sleep. I managed to fall asleep at about 0530 and my alarm went off at 0800. I was so glad I didn't have a morning flight.

Mum and Dad drove me to the airport and I was there in plenty of time for my 1135 flight to Melbourne ( I reckon that this is the best time to travel as the airport was just about deserted.)

Waiting to depart Canberra for the first leg of my adventure.

Glad I paid the extra to get into the exit aisle, lots of leg room.

My first glimpse of Tassie.

Landed at Launceston Airport.

We left the plane via steps onto the tarmac and it was warm and windy. It was a lot warmer than I expected. After collecting my bag I sorted out my hire car. I had booked a Mitsubishi ASX but was upgraded to an Outlander.

My chariot for the next few days. Mitsubishi Outlander.

I had already preloaded everything into my GPS, I set it up and off I went in search of my accommodation. I had booked at the Leisure Inn Penny Royal Hotel

The Hotel is old and beautiful it looks very english.

A nice looking Tavern called Red Teds across the drive from the hotel.

The Sweet shop behind the hotel. It was closed when I went to check it out.

I wasn't lucky enough to get a ground floor room. I am on level 1.

After putting everything in my room I put on a pair of shorts and went exploring. Launceston is a lovely city with some beautiful old buildings.

I came across a George Street (for those that are not fans of Celtic Thunder you wouldn't understand), well after all I was wearing my George Donaldson Street Team T-Shirt.

I always manage to be able to find an Irish pub on my travels. (I didn't drop in)

It turns out that I managed to walk just over 6kms. I know I will suffer tonight because of it (oh well I brought enough painkillers to see me through).


I decided to have dinner at Red Teds Tavern with it being so close to the hotel. By this stage I was so hungry as I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. But first thinks first I needed a drink.

What a wonderful drop Gillespies Alcoholic Gingerbeer. I was so good I had to have two.

I had a prawn bucket for dinner. It was very nice, with greek style salad under the prawns, the Aiolis were delicious .

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