12 February 2015

2015 Tassie Trip Day 2 - Launceston to Devonport via Stanley

Launceston – Stanley - Devonport


 I didn't sleep to badly last night I woke up a heap of times but that is normal for me. I thought taking a couple of pain killers would have knocked me out for the night but it was not to be. The one thing I noticed again upon waking is that my legs were not aching (sea level strikes again). At home every morning I wake up with a badly aching left and sometimes right leg. I have noticed over the last few years that when I am at sea level this doesn't happen, I think it means I have to move to the seaside.

I was on my way at about 0830. Probably not a good time to go as it was rush hour but as far as rush hours go it was pretty good. A number of people had recommended the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm so that would be my breakfast stop.

After the warmth of Launceston yesterday I dressed in shorts and t-shirt. When I got out of the car I knew I had made a mistake it was so cold.

 Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe for breakfast.

I can't remember what this was called  but it was delicious. Gluten-free pancake with bacon, cheese, banana raspberries and raspberry jam.

I planned my route the same as if I was on the bike which meant off the highways as much as possible. I reckon you always see the best places when off the main roads, especially if traveling along the coast. Much of the time today I was wishing I was on the bike.
I took some photos whilst driving along. 

There was a long of road kill on this road, it looked mostly like wallabies and possums. I haven't seen so many squished possums since NZ.

 This town had cool carved bushes down the street.

I hadn't seen one of these platypus signs before.

 I was just about in Stanley my lunch destination it is beautiful but was very windy and cold.

I had traveled to Stanley to sample the crayfish.

I ordered a half small cray. It was delicious.

There has to be a photo of a bike. Nice Royal Enfield.

After lunch I headed to Devonport.  Again leaving the highway when I could.


I took a detour to check out this light house.

Stopped briefly for some photos at a town called Penguin. 

I arrived in Devonport just after 1600. I checked into the Quality Hotel Gateway for the night. After putting my bags in the room I went for a stroll around Devonport.

Oh look another Irish pub. I had tried to book accommodation here but they only had dorm rooms available and I reckon I am a bit to old to be sharing with a bunch of Gen Y.

Devonport is where the spirit of Tasmania comes in from the mainland.


There are some beautiful old houses in Devonport.

I found another George Street. I couldn't believe it when I went up to the sign and saw Glasgow Lodge above it (for those not in the know George was from Glasgow.)

Cool sink in the hotel room.

I only brought one pair of shoes with me (trying to save on luggage). They are probably the most comfortable shoes I have, but I have discovered over the last two days they are not walking shoes. I found a camping shop in Devonport that was having a sale so I got myself a pair of shoes. 

 After my walk I was so tired I though I would just order room service. I stopped at the bottle shop but couldn't find any Gillespie's Ginger beer so got a bottle of my fave premix Jameson Irish Whiskey with Ginger Beer

My dinner. An entree size pork belly with apple it was yummy.

I did a shorter walk today but forgot to pause it when I was in the bottle shop and supermarket and that it is why I took so long. I also forgot to start it so I probably did over 5km all up.

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