25 July 2019

2019 UK/Ireland Trip Day 20 - Kirby Muxloe

Kirby Muxloe
25 July 2019
Day 20
Km Today: 19
Km Total: 3104
Photos Today: 9
Photos Total: 4866
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So today was supposed to get to 35 so I decided I wouldn't do a ride today.

I had a sleep in, I didn't have a good night's sleep as it was so hot in the room with only a desk fan to circulate the air.

I lost my water bottle in Portsmouth and since then I have been drinking less water (and we know how bad I am at drinking water) so decided I needed to get a new one. I discovered there was a shopping centre 8 km away so decided to head there.

And isn't it just typical that once I had all my bike gear on standing in the sun, my GPS decided to freeze up. I did a battery pull and we were ready to go.

I also hadn't really prepared for a heatwave so I purchased a pair of shorts. After visiting 5 shops I finally found a water bottle.
I headed back to the hotel, doned my new shorts and walked up to the post office to send some excess stuff to myself c/- my cousin in London.

It was to hot to sit in my room so I thought I would grab a drink and sit in the garden to do a blog update.

I needed something refreshing to drink so ordered a jug of PIMM'S. Whist I was waiting I got talking to Andy, who has a son that lives in Manly, I just happened to be wearing my Manly t-shirt.

I talked to Andy for ages. I finished my PIMM'S and Andy shouted me a whiskey, so I had my first English whiskey @cotswolds_distillery which was very nice.

Thanks Andy for the nice chat & whiskey.

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