15 July 2019

UK/Éire Trip Day 10 - Dover Loop

km ridden today: 242
km ridden total: 1068
Photos today: 623
Photos total: 2772
Castles/Palaces total: 1
Pubs visited total: 3 
Churches/Cathedrals total: 7
Ferries total: 2 
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I had another fantastic nights sleep. Those that know me know that I don't sleep well at all and that sometimes I turn up for a 12 hour shift having only had 1 hrs sleep. Since I have been over here I have slept so well. I have been waking up really early like around 0500 to 0600 but once I go to bed I have been falling asleep straight away and sleeping right through till I wake in the morning. I so hope this continues on once I return home.

Today's ride was to take me on a loop heading north and then following the coast back south through Dover.

Whilst I was waiting for my breakfast I took some photos of the pub.

It is like a rabbit warren getting to my room.
The view from my room
So the day was very overcast and fairly cold, so I zipped up all the vents on my riding gear and decided to go one up from my summer gloves, my intermediate gortex gloves.
I certainly managed to find the roads less traveled on the start of my journey.
Quick pit stop. Not the nicest day but pretty good for riding. @ Tankerton Beach.
Not sure if it's the weather, the bumpy roads, the coffee or getting old but I had to have another pit stop oh yeah and another coffee. @ The Viking Ship Café.
"Es flogen gegen England" - It flew against England

The panel gives the dates shells were fired from a long range gun at Sangatte
Presented to the Town of Dover
by the British Legion, Calais Branch

Sections of armoured plating dismantled from one of the German long range guns at Sangatte, Calais. The 84 rounds recorded formed part of the 2226 shells fired from these batteries at the harbour and town of Dover during the period 1940 to 1944. The gun was captured by Canadian forces in 1944, and it was they who presented the plating.

Dunkirk 1940
The image shows a soldier carrying a wounded comrade ashore, while an attack goes on around them.

The plaque beneath reads:
This memorial was erected on the 16th August 1975, the 35th Anniversary of the Battle of Dunkirk

During the Period May 10th to 1st June 1940, 202,306 British, British Commonwealth, and Allied Troops were evacuated to Dover. 

The Memorial not only pays tribute to the bravery and discipline of the servicemen, but to the courage of the crews of the armada of little ships which assisted, and the people of the Port of Dover who received them.
Today was a huge day of riding only 240km but nearly six hours in the saddle. I didn't really stop and look at anything but I saw heaps.

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