08 June 2012

HU Meeting - Day 2

Day 2 Narrabri NSW to Dayboro QLD Route

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I was up early and had a cuppa whilst I packed up the bike and then hit the road around 6.30. It was a lovely morning, not like yesterday. 

The sunrise was beautiful. I just wish it was on the other side of the bike so I could have got some better pictures.

There were lots of silo's along the road.

Entering Queensland, I had to turn my clock back 20 years.

There was a bit of road works along the way. But there was a lot more of the road that needed work some of it is shocking for a major highway.

Bales of cotton.

I couldn't believe that this beautiful stretch of dual lane highway was only 100 km/hr.

I finally hit some nice riding roads.

I made it to Dayboro.

I got the tent set up before the rain.

That evening we wandered down to the bowling club for dinner. We were told it was a 10 minute walk, 20 minutes later we were still walking. We finally found it. And I enjoyed a lovely dinner with some new found friends. I didn't take any photos during dinner. (I know I will have to pick up my game). Thanks to Cat, Kevin, Lochy, Tanya & and husband (sorry I have forgotten his name) for the lovely company for the walk to and from the bowling club and during dinner.

I had a nice blister on the back of my heal from the walk to and from the bowling club.

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