11 November 2011

The Long Ride - Day 7

Today was the most perfect day to be riding the temperature was just right and we rode on some lovely roads.

Our first stop for breakfast was Lakes Entrance which is just beautiful. 

Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance

We were just setting off after having breakfast when one of our fellow riders noticed that Ange's rear tyre was flat. We rode a bit up the road to the nearest petrol station only to discover that they did not have air but that there was a Suzuki dealer about a kilometre up the road. Lucky I carry a 12 volt air pump. We discovered a small nail in the tyre.

Pumping up the tyre.

The nail.

We pumped the tyre up and headed up the road. By the time we got there the tyre was flat again. Ange had a spare tube and they said they would be able to change it for her.

At the bike shop.

At the bike shop waiting.

 It took about an hour for them to change it and then we were off again.

Orbost for fuel.

The Cooma Lions club were kind enough to put on a BBQ for us so we stopped there to have a  sausage sandwich and a chat before heading off to Canberra.


There was a photo shoot organised a Federation Mall for 4pm. We were riding up behind everyone as the photo was being taken so we missed it but I still got to take some of my own photos whilst there.

New Parliament House.

It was good to go home for the night. I unpacked the stuff I didnt need and packed clothes to wear to the dinner the following night.

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