06 November 2011

The Long Ride - Day 2

We knew we were in for a hot day as it was 21 degrees when we were packing the bikes at 6.30 this morning. It was a lot darker than the same time of morning at home as we were so much further west.

After packing the bikes and filling up we set off at 6.50. As we were leaving town we had to stop at the level crossing for a train to pass. As it turned out that was the most exciting thing to happen all day.

There were heaps of feral goats on the sides of the roads and there was a vast increase in the amount of road kill than there was yesterday.

First stop was Cobar.

 Emmdale Roadhouse.

We were told it was probably best if we didnt stop at Wilcannia for fuel. We were informed that there was 230km between Emmdale and the next fuel at Little Topar. I worked out that I could probably only make 220km's so we stopped to use the fuel I was carrying I put in 3 litres and Ange put in 1 litre.

 Roadside Fueling

You can see the vast nothingness beyond where we are.

 There is not much at Little Topar.

 The outskirts of Broken Hill and still lots of nothingness.

We finally made it to Broken Hill after what I think would have to have been my most boring day of riding ever. We did about 580km's and there was nothing to look at and the roads were mostly straight. I rejoiced every time I saw a bend in the road.

 Ange & our bikes outside our motel room in Broken Hill.

We arrived in Broken Hill at about 2.00pm local time. We had entered Central time so I clocks had to go back half an hour. It was a long hot day with a max temp of 35 degrees.

After freshening up we headed out to find the Legions Club where we were to have dinner that night, it was about a 20 minute walk, when we got there we were a bit parched so we relaxed with a couple of beers. It relaxed us so much we nearly fell asleep. There was still time till dinner so we decide to do a blocky and explore a bit of the town. There are a lot of beautiful buildings around the town.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the photos, and you should of been asleep also - way past your bedtime.....lol

  2. Love watching your blog off your journey, stay safe

  3. Deb I couldnt go to sleep when I knew my fans would be waiting with baited breathe for the next instalment.

    Thanks Vicki