29 May 2013

Family Gathering Trip Day 4 - England - London

The weather again today was terrible. 

Dad had to return some shirts he had bought a M&S yesterday so we headed into Oxford Circus on the tube. We returned the shirts, bought some trinkets and then headed to Embankement Station to go and see some of the sights of London.

Outside Embankment tube station.

As we left the tube station it started to rain fairly heavily so we had to stop and put our rain coats on.

Walking along Victoria Embankment.

Royal Air Force Memorial.

The London Eye.

Battle of Britain Memorial.

Big Ben.


After our walk along the embankment (the rain had virtually ceased) we were quiet peckish so we decided to find somewhere for lunch. We found this really nice little (being the operative word) tavern. We were lucky we got there early as soon after we sat down a number of people came in, because it was so small there were not many tables for people to sit at.

Having lunch at St Stephens Tavern.

My lunch - Fish Pie & a half of Guinness, which was delicious.

After lunch we headed to Westminster Abbey. We spent about 3 hours looking around inside the Abbey, it was amazing I would definitely recommend it to see if you are in London.  I thought it was just going to be some fancy church but it is so interesting and there are so many of the Royal Family interred there as well as others. It is hard to contemplate the age of the carvings and stones in there. The Abbey is over 900 years old. Photos were not allowed inside so you will have to go there yourself to see the splendor. I did take some photos after we had left the main part of the church and entered the cloisters.

St Margaret Church.

The Cloisters at Westminster Abbey.

The oldest door in Britain.

We left the Abbey and headed back to our apartment to get ready to go out to dinner.

Mum & Dad with Winston Churchill.

The outside of our apartment building.

We caught the tube to Highbury & Islington Station to meet up with Dominic & Lyndsay for Dinner. We went to a little Turkish restaurant named Gallipoli. We had a really nice meal and it was great to finally meet Lyndsay. 

The pub outside the Highbury & Islington tube station.

Dad, Me, Mum, Dominic & Lyndsay.

The BT Tower at night.

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