30 May 2013

Family Gathering Trip Day 5 - England - London to Weston-Super-Mare

The weather looked miserable again today but we were leaving London today. We packed up and headed out we were going to catch the tube back to Heathrow to pick up the hire car. We decided that it would be easier to catch a cab to Green Park Station rather than having to change tubes. Our luggage seemed to have got a bit heavier after 4 days in London. Mum had even bought a bigger suitcase.

Miserable again. Looking out the apartment window at the BT Tower.

Inside the cab going to Green Park Station.

 Some building on the way to the tube station.


Putting on the Ritz.

We got of the tube at Heathrow and then caught the courtesy bus out to the Hertz lot to pick up our hire car. We were given a Ford Mondeo. 

We headed out of London with dark clouds looming. I must warn you that most of my posts from now on will be fairly picture intensive. I got a bit carried away on some days where I took over 300 photos. I was making sure that I had lots to look back on. I was also in amazement at the scenery and the buildings. 


It is so green over here. Its like fairly tale land after the dryness of Australia.

Our first experience of a British Road side service area.

I have never seen one of these in Australia. An electric car charger.

The weather got worse. At least we were in a car.

We passed a few Army trucks carrying tanks.

 The countryside is beautiful with so many lovely old buildings.

I tried to take photos of the towns we went through but there are so many of them and most of the signs are hidden in the hedges and you come across them so quickly so I missed a lot.

Some of the country roads got quiet narrow.

We went to visit Mums cousin Michael and his wife Betty in West Ashton. It looks like a lovely town and Michael & Bettys house is beautiful. They have 8 acres which are extremely green. It was great to get the chance to catch up with them again after over 12 years.

 Michael, Dad, Mum & Betty.

I took a wander around the garden.

You can see on of the Wiltshire White Horses from the garden.

We had dinner with Michael & Betty and then headed off to Weston-Super-Mare where we were staying the night.


We arrived at Weston-Super-Mare fairly late at night. One of the things that we haven't been able to get used to is the sun coming up at 4.30am and not setting to about 10.30 at night.

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  1. Wow Becsta! Great photos. Wish there was a comments box after each one, I'd keep you busy! Some awesome buildings. We just such a young country here, when it comes to western architecture.