20 April 2014

NZ - Bike Tour Day 4 - Franz Josef to Queenstown

Franz Josef Glacier - Wanaka - Queenstown
368 km

There is nothing worse than waking to pouring rain and knowing you have to put your not quiet dried gear on and then go out and ride in it, thats what it was like this morning.

Holy cow look at that NZ does actually have blue sky. I was begining to think there was only grey.

Oh my goodness and there is even sunshine, I was begining to think we would never get any.

Now that there is finally sunshine and it is warming up my camera has got condensation in the lens, that is why the photos are now blurry. Hopefully it will dry out soon.

Absolutely beautiful ride around the lakes, so glad the rain cleared for this bit.

We stopped to have a look at the Wanaka Transport & Toy Museum.

A spectacular view from our accomodation in Queenstown.

Time to relax with a drink.

Dinner at an Pog Mahone's. 

After a horrible start to the day, it ended with great weather and spectaclar views.

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