18 February 2012

My Birthday Dinner

I had already had a birthday lunch with my family last weekend. Leen was kind enough to allow me to have a party at her place for some of my bike friends. 

Last year I had entered a competition that The Hairy Bikers (If you don't know about them you really should check them out) ran on facebook for their book Perfect Pies. You had to bake a pie and submit a photo of yourself and it and get your friends to vote for it. The prize for the 10 pies with the most votes was to win an autographed copy of their perfect pies book. I ended up getting piped at the post and came in second. You can see my entry here Skippy Pie. I made a Kangaroo and Guinness Pie. 

This is the book I won.

 This is the inscription and autographs.

So I decided to make some pies for my birthday to say thanks to those that voted for me.Ange was kind enough to come around to my place early in the day.

Here is Ange cutting the pastry for the pies.

The two different pie fillings Chicken & Mushroom and Beef & Guinness.

Here I am cooking up a storm.

The guests waiting in anticipation for the fabulous feast to come. Carl, Dazza, Marilyn, Les, Leen, Suzy & Norman.

These are the dessert pies we cooked they are banana, white chocolate, milk chocolate & marshmellows.

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