28 January 2012

Jindabyne Irish Festival Day 2

I was hoping to have a sleep in after a late night but it was not to be as the blinds in the room did no good at blocking out the sunshine which woke me at 6am.

I was not feeling to good this morning as I had maybe a couple to many Magners Pear Ciders. But had a great night at Brumbys bar listening to Blackwater.

The view from the room way to early in the morning.

Breakfast was included with our room so we had breakfast and then headed to the shops to get some drinks and milk. We then went and watched the dancing and bands.

We then went to the movies to see the documentary called "The Pipe" which is about Shell putting in a pipe line and the residents fight to stop it. Well worth a look.

We then headed to the sports ground to watch some Gaelic Footy and Hurling.

I had never seen hurling before wow what a full on game very fast I dont know how they see that little ball. I would like to see the pros playing.

That evening was to the Jindabyne Hotel for dinner and more music.

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