03 January 2014

Tigers First Service

Canberra - Bungendore - Nerriga - Nowra 
Nowra - Ulladulla - Batemans Bay - Braidwood - Canberra
467 km

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I have done just under 800 km and with the 200 to get to the dealer I will be at just under 1000 km for my first service. 

Ange and Trevor were up for the ride to Nowra with me so I organised to meet them at Bungendore at 0800.

There had been rain over night and it was a very overcast morning.

It was a cool morning so I wore my heated gloves (I have not actually wired up the gloves as yet but they are the only winter gloves I have) and took my summer gloves for when it warmed up.

The road were wet from the rain last night.

I arrived at Bungendore just before 0800 and Ange and Trevor were there waiting for me.  We set off with Ange in the lead, myself and then Trevor.

We hadn't long left Bungendore when the fog started to roll in. The wetness of the fog made it cold my hands were freezing. At this point I wished I had wired up my gloves when I put my fuse box in but I thought I had plenty of time till the cold weather was upon us.

The fog cleared for a bit.

There is 1 km of dirt.

Then the fog came back worse than ever. 


Hopefully one day I will get nice weather on this road and I will be able to check out some of the lookouts.

Finally the fog had cleared.

I dropped my bike off at the dealer and we went across the road to a cafe and had breakfast there whilst we waited for my bike to be finished. They said it would be about 1 1/2 hours.

We went back to the dealer an hour and a half later and my bike was ready.

Engine bars fitted.

Tiger XC handle bar risers fitted.

We had decided that instead of going home the way we came we would head over to Batemans Bay so I would get a long run on the bike now that the break in period was over.

What lovely green country.

The ride was going great until we got just outside of Milton and then there was this huge traffic jam. It took us ages to get through Milton. I think half of Canberra must have been down this way. Its not a good idea to go to the coast in school holidays.

The weather was perfect riding weather about 24C.

We had a brief stop in Ulladulla so that Trevor could go to the Newsagents and get a lotto ticket. (I don't think he won).

There was a bit of traffic build up as we approach the Bay but nowhere near as bad as the other day. We only stopped in the Bay for fuel and then headed off home.

The ride up the Clyde was fantastic (except for the cars I had to keep slowing down for). The bike went really well and I felt a lot more confident on it that I had riding the Scrambler up the mountain.

We reached the top of the mountain and boy was it hot. We stopped in Braidwood for a drink and ice block, said our farewells and headed home.

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