30 December 2013

Ride to Batemans Bay

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Glenda needed to go to Batemans Bay to pick up some documents and she invited a few friends along to go for a ride with her. We were to meet at Glendas place at around 0845 for a 0900 departure.

This is my last break in ride before my bikes first service which is Monday 3rd January.

It was a cool morning but was supposed to get hot during the day in Canberra but the weather was supposed to be about 24 Celcius (perfect) at the Bay.

King Edward Terrace

Old Parliament House

Lake Burley Griffin

Trevor was already at Glendas when I got there and Ange showed up not much later. Joan was running a bit late and turned up not much after 0900.

Trevors Harley and my Tiger with Trevor, Ange and Glenda in the back ground.

Isn't she beautiful.

Ready to leave Ange up front then Joan and Glenda.

Braidwood Cenotaph

Three beautiful Trumpies. Joans Bonneville, My Tiger and Anges Speedmaster.

Having a cuppa at Braidwood Bakery. Trevor, Ange, Joan & Glenda.

The countryside was getting greener the closer we got to the coast.

Heading down the Clyde Mountain.

It's so green down here.

The trip was going great until we got close to the Bay and the traffic was banked up a really long way it took us a long time with lots of really slow riding (I put the bike in neutral and pushed) and stopping.


The place was packed so we parked on the side walk.

We had a really nice lunch down by the water.

Ange, Glenda, Joan & Trevor.

After lunch we went to the shopping centre and picked up Glendas documents we went to the servo to fill up and then headed on home.

Bug guts on the camera lens.

A Scrambler parked in Braidwood.

I decided to stop and take some photos of the RAAF Memorial as you come into Canberra. I have ridden/driven past this so many times and have never stopped before.

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