11 June 2012

HU Meeting - Day 5

Day 5 Dayboro QLD to Urunga NSW

So today it was time to pack up and head home. It had rained on and off during the night but it mainly stayed clear while I packed up the camping gear and the bike.

Saying goodbye to Marcus. I first met Marcus and the HU Meeting in 2010.

Leaving the Dayboro Showgrounds.


Into the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

Entering Brisbane City and it is starting to rain.

A funny bit of artwork on the side of the road.

Then the rain got torrential.

It poured with rain the whole way from Brisbane to Urunga. I had planned this really nice route to go through all of the small towns along the coast but because of the rain I just stuck to the highway. The only time I stopped on the way was to refuel.

When I arrived at Urunga I was soaking wet and freezing cold (I had the heated jacket liner, heated gloves and heated socks on full the whole way) the only thing out of my so called wet weather gear that actually was waterproof was my Triumph jacket.

I checked in and went to my room to discover that there was no heater. I had a lovely hot shower and hung my gear all through the room trying to dry it. I squeezed about a cup of water out of each glove and probably poured more than that out of each boot.

It was a public holiday today so the pub was closing early and they hotel was kind enough to allow me to put my wet stuff around the fire downstairs for the night.

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