09 June 2012

HU Meeting - Day 3

It was very cold last night and I awoke to some drizzle. I thought I would try out my new Jetboil so I made some porridge.

I was in the middle of eating breakfast and chatting to some folks when a white panel van pulled up and to my surprise Ange & Michael had turned up.

The clouds are starting to come over dark.

There was a demonstration of everyone's cooking devices.

The first talk was by Paul & Jan Dwyer they spoke about there trips to Ethiopia & Nepal. 

Some of the camp area.

Frank talking about his trip around Europe and the Arctic Circle.

Frank & Simone from Germany who have been riding around the world for 
2 years so far.

Mike & Jo Hannon - Writing a blog.

One of the hi-lights of the event Simon & Lisa Thomas from England - Travelling the world for the last 10 years.

Simon's Bike.

Karen & Derek from South Africa/England talking about there ride around the USA.

I won't be cold tonight. Ange was kind enough to lend me her heater. I am so camping with one of these in the future.


  1. Hi Bec, now I know why selecting a powered site is such a good idea.



  2. These days we have so many electrical devices we need power in our tent and I will certainly be taking a heater with me for those colder months.