08 November 2011

The Long Ride - Day 4

There was a fair bit of rain over night at Loxton but had stopped by the time we got up. With the rain I discovered there is a small leak in one of my pannier lid. It was very muggy when we left but remained over cast which made the riding quiet pleasant.

 First stop for fuel was Bordertown.


 Entering Victoria
 Leaving South Australia.

 Breakfast/Morning Tea at Kaniva.




 Onto Horsham for fuel.

 The Grampians.

 The Grampians.

 The Grampians.

 Marilyn & Ange at our accomodation in Hamilton.

 The bug collection on my screen.

 The bug collection on my headlight.

 Our room at Hamilton.

 The motel we stayed at in Hamilton.

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  1. Looks like you had a great day, that is one ride I would love to do is the Great Ocean Ride, it is on my to do list