16 April 2014

NZ Trip - The Journey Begins - Canberra to Christchurch

Canberra - Melbourne - Christchurch

There was an early start to the day with a 4am wake up so I could finish packing and get to the airport for a 6.30 departure.

I arrived at the airport and go to my gate to say a brief hello and goodbye to Gordon & Trish who were on an earlier flight than me and were also going via Sydney whereas I was going via Melbourne.

Waiting to board at Canberra Airport

We boarded and departed more or less on time. The flight to Melbourne was uneventful. Once arriving in Melbourne I went straight to the International Terminal once I went through Customs I headed for the gate and got there just as they were calling the flight to board. I made a quick dash to the duty free for a couple of 200ml bottles of Jamesons Whiskey (easier to carry on the bike) so I could make up my nightly Irish Coffee.

Another uneventful flight with us landing slightly before schedule.  As we descended and came down below the cloud I was not impressed to see the horrible rainy weather.

We were informed that the Customs computers were down so there could be a delay but it was all smooth sailing and I was through into the terminal in no time. 

I then had to wait for Gordon, Trish, Michael and Brian whos flight was arriving after mine.

Christchurch did not put on a nice welcome for us.

Trish rang the motel and they send the courtesy bus to come and pick us up.

Trish and Gordon in the bus.

We arrived at the The Commodore Hotel to be met by some very friendly staff. We booked in and as we were about to head to the rooms Malcolm rode up. Malcolm had arrived a few days earlier to get in some extra riding and he will be my roomy for the next 12 nights.

The room is nice. 

Because of the rain there was no exploring so we went to the bar for a bit of a chat. I had never met Michael, Brian or Malcolm before. We then had dinner and headed off for an early night.

Clockwise from left: Malcolm, Brian, Michael, Trish & Gordon

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