16 May 2012

MRA Blanket Run

Today was the annual MRA ACT Blanket Run to help raise money for The Salvo's. I was a lovely morning a bit chilly but not to bad. 

I received my heated jacket line and socks during the week so was keen to try them out. I must say the socks are fantastic. I have a dual heat controller and the socks and gloves run together and the jacket is on a second controller. The only problem with this is that when I had the heat up enough for a nice warmth in my gloves the socks were to hot. I will have to work out a happy medium between the two.

Some pics of the ride to OPH.

I got there early and there wasn't many people about yet.

I had only been there about 10 minutes when more people started to arrive.

We left OPH and took the normal route down Adelaide Ave to the big round about and then back down Adelaide Ave but there was a change to destination this time we were finishing at the Carillon.

Leaving OPH.

This is the lodge where the PM lives.



There was a bit of a wait to get into the area where the ride was ending.

Canberra Riders took out largest group again the official count was 70 but there were a lot me than that (the count was conducted by a politician so what do you expect)

Lurch accepting the trophy from Jen Woods (President of MRA ACT)

 It was such a lovely day and Canberra is so beautiful in autumn I decided to just do a ride around the city and take some pics.

 Heading towards the War Memorial.



 I drive past O'Malley every day on my way to and from work so I thought I would go for a ride through the suburb to look at some of the massive houses. A lot of them are embassies.

 When I got home I thought I would try and work out some way to mount my heat controller to the handlebars. I came up with the prototype below. Now to find someone that can knock one up for me.

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